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French jewelry brand and accessories for men and women.

Martine & Gina finds inspiration in nature. A strong style and an original approach. Sometimes minimal creations, sometimes whimsical, an ode to the animal in the heart of all these.

Martine & Gina works mostly natural materials called organic, such as wool, silk, angora, but also the feather, fur and skins. It also uses the bones, tooth of herbivorous animals and deer woods. These raw materials and natural sometimes associated with the precious metal, textiles, crystals, stones or reworked with hairspray, glitter, come from curiosity cabinets and unprotected animals. Everything is done by hand.

Taxidermia, the teeth like a grigri combines with gold plated and silver, on a chain, a ring, a bracelet or decorate comes to organic materials such as leather, wool, silk or velvet.

Brute, just the sketch where the materials come together, overlap them one to the other. Multiple and varied weaving, leather, wool, leather, stones and silk are combined with metals to minimals creations. Games textures and colors, bracelets and cuffs are worn alone or accumulation.

Wood, when venison wood appears high and proud, it becomes collar or necklace. Whimsical and bold combination of a wood that is part of the trend. Natural or painted in the colors of the season.

Maharajah, the plume becomes precious and is adorned with pearls, noble materials such as satin, silk or velvet. It comes ahead of accessories and earrings, light and air.

Unica, the jewel becomes totem. Unique and bold pieces that are created at will by the imagination of its creator. The combination of organic and precious metal sometimes leads to exotic and dreamlike vistas. Feathers, fur and bones, sometimes embellished with sequins, sometimes crystal become bibi, headband, necklace, necklace, brooch and cuff ... accessories of exception.

Diodon, the bag wins in relief. The bag is a bag Diodon well-rounded inspired by the famous fish of the same name which has the particularity to inflate when it feels threatened.

Martine & Gina, creator of audacity.

Made in France.